OPENING OF A 2ND OFFICE | Luxembourg City’s Cloche d’Or District

Opening of a second office in Luxembourg

– New strategic address –



Céliance LUXEMBOURG is pleased to announce the opening of its second office located in Luxembourg City’s Cloche d’Or District, as well as its partnership with Groupe NCI.



We are delighted to be now able to meet you also at this address : 


20 Rue Eugène Ruppert

L-2453 Luxembourg

Phone : +352 26 49 35 64



We offer you all our services related to the domiciliation of your company at this new strategic address in Luxembourg. In addition to the domiciliation of companies, Céliance offers you all its usual services, such as the management of your business accounting, and tax, legal or social issues. 

If you so wish, you can benefit from fully equipped offices. This meeting rooms or offices rental service is flexible, and tailored to your needs. All additional services that will facilitate your daily life will also be available (dry cleaning, car wash, etc.). 



Do not hesitate to visit the website to find more details about all those facilities and services : NCI Website 


Domiciliation of your company at that new strategic address : Domiciliation

Personal Income Tax – Céliance fills in and optimize your tax return : Personal Income Tax

Business Creation – Turnkey delivery : Business Creation