MERGERS & ACQUISITION | The volume of business transfers is expected to increase sharply

Mergers and acquisitions




Climate of crisis and inflation:

the volume of business transfers is expected to increase sharply


The market is changing, and mergers and acquisitions seem to be preferred to the creation of new entities. SME managers believe more than ever in external growth.


A study conducted by Bpifrance Le Lab was recently revealed by « Les Echos ». It underlines that one out of two business leaders plans to sell their entity within the next five years, and that seven out of ten leaders plan to buy.

In fact, 47% of the 668 SME managers surveyed in 2022 plan to sell their company. Faced with this, no less than 72% of respondents wish to resort to external growth to promote the development of their entity. Difficulties such as inflation, rising interest rates or the cost of energy have therefore not had a negative impact on their belief in external growth.


During this complex M&A process, a large majority chose to be accompanied by a lawyer, a chartered accountant and a banking partner. This top three is at your disposal at Céliance. We put at your disposal a multidisciplinary team and a large network.


Our tailor-made support


Céliance assists you in the context of business transfer operations. Our team is either a support for the sale of your entity, or the purchase of a company. We strongly believe it is a major moment in the life of a business owner and that it requires anticipation of every step to be taken. For more serenity, our team takes care of the different formalities required, with the ambition to find a buyer as close as possible to your expectations.

Céliance is at your side until you take possession of the entity:

  • Valuation of the entity, strategic analysis of the company (in order to be able to determine a selling price);
  • Financial evaluation and constitution of the file;
  • Identifying and approaching potential buyers;
  • Setting up contacts and supporting the negotiations;
  • Negotiation of the conditions and acceptance of the parties;
  • Establishment of conventions;
  • Accomplishment of the declarative formalities.

All of these services are handled internally, in complete confidentiality.

Are you looking for a buyer or do you want to take over the activity of a company ? 


Anticipate the steps as soon as possible, in order to proceed serenely.

Our team supports and advises you during the different steps. This with the ambition to allow you to find the buyer, or the company which corresponds to you.

Do not hesitate to contact us to give us the information relative to your project of transfer or takeover, and for more information on this subject.

Céliance listens to your needs, and guarantees you during each mission:

  • Speed of action
  •  Dedicated team
  • A single point of contact thanks to a multidisciplinary team
  • Availability and reactivity
  • Personalized assistance and customized approach
  • Privileged contact and proximity
  • Articulation around its large network of investors
  • Real discretion



Our portfolio of companies for sale in Luxembourg




The entity is of Luxembourg nationality. It has a double characteristic: it is of a commercial nature, and it can also make financial participations. Thus, it offers good prospects for the buyer.

By its multiple purposes, it can carry out commercial, financial, industrial, real estate or securities operations.

As a bonus, this entity offers a possibility of development in the branches of « Training » and « Consultancy ».




The entity for sale is of Luxembourg nationality. The company was initially created to meet the needs of structuring the owner’s assets. Its double commercial and financial aspect offers interesting development opportunities for the future buyer.

This company can meet, for example, the expectations of a growing real estate business.




Entity under Luxembourg law proposing an object allowing the exploitation of a business consisting in the management of one or more websites (design, hosting, provision of communication means). The company will also be able to edit and exploit all media, write and translate texts and articles, and also allows the realization of purchases/sales of computer equipment.


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