TAILOR-MADE FIDUCIARY | Accounting, tax, social & legal services

CELIANCE takes care of the accounting, tax, social and legal aspects.


Devote your resources to developing your core business!


Entrusting your bookkeeping to competent accountants and chartered accountants will allow you to focus fully and serenely on your core business. We know that managing your accounting can be time-consuming or can require the recruitment of competent in-house staff. Security, peace of mind and expert advice are advantages that Céliance offers you.

The follow-up of your activity must be rigorous. That is why our dedicated team provides you with support and advice. We take care of periodic accounting, and we establish your annual accounts, and to carry out the audit follow-up. Celiance also takes care of the accompaniment after various financial organizations

Discover our range of accounting, tax, social and legal services.




  • Periodic bookkeeping
  • Drawing up the annual balance sheet and final accounts
  • Consolidation of annual accounts
  • Periodic financial reporting for state institutions
  • Handling of legal documents for the approval of accounts
  • Accounting advice and analysis




Take advantage of our tax expertise. Receive valuable advice to optimize your tax situation. Our chartered accountants and tax advisors provide you with an outside perspective and strategic advice.



  • Preparation and follow-up of VAT returns (periodic and annual) and summary statements;
  • Support in the event of a tax audit;
  • Assistance with VAT registration or deregistration.


Corporate taxes

  • Preparation of tax declarations;
  • Support in terms of consulting and recommendations;
  • Communication with the different tax authorities;
  • Support in case of audit.


Personal income tax

Whether you are a Luxembourg worker or a cross-border worker, we meet your needs.

We can develop with you the point concerning the participative premiums which were introduced in the Income Tax Act. Our team will advise you on these different subjects:

  • Interest of life insurance contracts for a Luxembourg resident
  • Individual taxation VS collective taxation
  • Tax assimilation conditions for non-resident taxpayers
  • Characteristics generated by profits from a liberal profession

Save time and money ! Our chartered accountants and tax advisors fill in and optimize your tax return (deadline December 31, 2022)

Learn more & contact us : Personal Income Tax


Céliance offers its clients:

  • An overview of the general principles governing the tax
  • A mastery of the administrative procedures
  • Knowledge of the provisions that reduce the taxable base
  • An estimate of the final tax amount
  • A forecast of refunds
  • A global view of possible deductions
  • Simulations related to any status change


Social – Support throughout the employment chain


From the entry to the exit of an employee, we assist you at each step.

  • Establishment of contracts
  • Payroll services : Payroll calculation process and establishment of the pay slips
  • Communication with the administrations: Affiliation to the Social Security Administration CCSS
  • Absences / contractual termination / dismissal / partial unemployment




  • Business creation: optimizing your decisions – Turnkey delivery
  • Bank account opening
  • Minutes and General Assembly
  • VAT registration
  • Publication and filing of accounts with the RCS (Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés)

Our values, which are transparency, proximity and professional secrecy, allow you to keep control of your accounts, your confidentiality and the costs involved.

Our multidisciplinary team adapts to the specificity of your needs. Our primary objective is to help your business evolve and to contribute to its successful development. This is done using permanent advice and a tailor-made follow-up.


Céliance provides you with:

  • An experienced and multidisciplinary team
  • A strategic, economic, legal, fiscal and social diagnosis
  • A personalized and complete consulting service
  • Easy contacts with notaries, banks, administrations and lawyers
  • Reactivity, proximity and privileged contact
  • Discretion
  • Quality deliverables/reporting
  • An intervention on any sector of activity


Personal Income Tax – Céliance fills in and optimize your tax return : Personal Income Tax

Business Creation – Turnkey delivery : Business Creation