Céliance’s business development team participated in the 5th edition of the LPEA Insights Conference that took place at the Parc Hotel Alvisse in the outskirts of Luxembourg City on October 28, 2021.

The LPEA Insights conference gathered the Private Equity and Venture Capital community and highlights investors and practitioners’ expertise. Local and international GPs & LPs took the stage to share their insights on how technology disrupts the Private Equity industry.

Here are the topics of the panels:

  • Technology Disrupting Private Equity
  • Decentralized Finance And Blockchain
  • The Rising Exposure Of LPs To Venture Capital
  • Impact Through VC – Making Money Responsibly

The LPEA Insights conference helped us know the latest #AI developments in Private Equity, and we are ready for the next events of the LPEA, of which we are a member since June 2021. Céliance continue to create a constructive business network with PE actors in Luxembourg!

You can find more information about Insights 2021 on LPEA’s website: click here.

In 2021, CELIANCE put together a skilled team with strong experience in the private equity sector. Our aim is to offer our future clients a range of services that is at the same time both comprehensive and different from that of the leading players in town.

PROXIMITY, RESPONSIVENESS, AGILITY and EXPERTISE are the main winning features of this new, young, ambitious team.

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